Coca-Cola Enterprises API Documentation

Response Formats

The API currently supports JSON and XML response formats.

Want to get started quickly?

Visit our I/O Docs page here.

Detailed Information

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  1. 786pill4 PAIN Acute Chronic 'SOUL May be GOD'8 years ago

    SOUL May be a GOD !


  2. 2themax7 years ago

    The CocaCola API is very powerful but don't waste cash hiring a coder to write something useful for you. You can easily extract the data into a spreadsheet by doing the following:

    • Construct the URL using the documentation above

    • Copy and paste the "JSON" text that is returned into

    • Download the resulting CSV file

    • Double click on the downloaded file and it should open up in Excel (or Open Office if you are using that)

    Then you can work with the data within the familiar environment of a spreadsheet.

    Hopefully this is useful to someone else as well.

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